Forgotten Histories | Aladdin bin Majid Al-Said

  • By Anita Zhxin

 HH Sayyid Sahibzada Sheikh Aladdin bin Majid Al-Said

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HH Sayyid Sahibzada Sheikh Sanjak-Bey Mir. Aladdin bin Majid bin Hamud bin Muhammad bin Said bin Sulatan bin Ahmed bin Said Al-Said.


Son of HH Sayyid Majid bin Hamud, half brother to HH Sayyid Mansoor bin Majid, Grandson of HH Sultan Sheikh Sir Hamud bin Mohammed Al-Said and third cousin twice removed to HE Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al-Said.


The founder of the Ottoman – Persian – Omani alliance


The youngest of 11 children Aladdin bin Majid was born to the second wife of HH Sayyid Majid bin Hamud Al-Said of the Omani Empire.


Born to a Persian-Pashtun Sahibzada mother, Aladdin grew up the outsider with a big vision of breaking down borders.


Aladdin bin Majid, a master carpenter by trade, born in the early 20th century moved to the dying remains of the Ottoman Empire at a young age, estranging himself from much of the family politics and family life.


A maverick by nature, he began his journey of independence and discovery by taking two wives. One Persian and one Ottoman. His marriages uniting the three super powers of the time and forging an alliance that remains today between the former Persian lands of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Oman and the former Ottoman lands of Turkey and Bosnia.


A great linguist and soldier Aladdin bin Majid was given command of his own Sanjak (Region of land, akin to a county or state) in the North-West of the last remaining lands still loyal to the collapsed Ottoman Empire. This granted Aladdin bin Majid the title Sanjak-Bey.


India honoured Aladdin bin Majid with the title Mir.


The royal family of Yugoslavia bestowed Aladdin bin Majid with the title Sandzak-Knez of Sandzak (akin to lord/Prince of Sandzak, a namesake region in the former Ottoman controlled Balkan peninsular.)


HH Sayyid Sheikh Aladdin bin Majid Al-Said was one of the pioneers that lead to the UN recognition of “Muslim by Nationality” as an ethnicity. Although the term only grew significantly in popularity in the 1990s during the Gulf and Balkan wars, it was a term in which Aladdin often showed great fondness for, using the term to show unity and strength through out the truly global alliances that he forged.


All but disappearing shortly after the Second World War little is known about Aladdin’s fascinating if somewhat mysterious personal life other than the family rift circa 1960s.


Aladdin’s first wife having been sentenced to death for adultery following an affair with a rival Prince was shown mercy and spared by Aladdin who ordered a Royal Decree that she was to be exiled from the country instead.


However, she took hr children with her resulting in the forced repatriation of the children, with the exception of one son. Muhafiz Milomir bin Aladdin. Muhafiz who was very young at the time refused to leave his mother’s side and was subsequently banished into exile to live in foreign lands with his mother, without his siblings or father.


HH Sayyid Sheikh Aladdin bin Muhafiz Al-Said ha made no public appearances since the family feud and was believed to have retired into the mountains and scenery with his second wife and many children.


Muhafiz bin Aladdin eventually moved to the UK to raise a family of his own, taking his mother with him.


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