Rugby World Cup | Semi Final | Australia v Argentina

  • By James Nadel


The game that never seemed to start

Australia may have been strong favourites having won the world cup twice before, but Argentina were not going to be a push over, especially given the hard time the wallabies had overcoming Scotland in the quarter finals.

Argentina have improved dramatically in recent years, whilst rugby as a sport has been played in Argentina for a considerable amount of time a rapid progression of a unique style of rugby saw the pumas join New Zealand, South Africa and Australia in the much coveted four nations cup back in 2012.  In these past 3 years we have seen a strong and rapid development creating what the IRB calls “a top tier rugby nation.”

Argentina have taken a few plays out of the American Football book, on resets rather than running in from the 10m line just behind the kicker, they start running early from 15 meters back on signal from the hooker, so that when they reach the ball they are at full speed and the catcher is wishing he had called in sick that day.

With an average points score of 40 per game coming into the match the pumas were the underdog that many thought would bite.

From the start Argentina seemed not to notice the game has actually kicked off, they could have blown the final whistle after 60 seconds and it would have made no difference. Surprisingly though Argentina always some how, managed to keep the points close, with out actually ever scoring a try.

The Game

  • 1 minute in TRY!! The fastest try of the world cup! Australia have scored! Australia 7 | Argentina are Argentina aware the game has started? If so, could somebody please inform the players.
  • Penalty Kick, Argentina. Australia 7 | Argentina 3
  • 9 minutes in, TRY!! Australia, Argentina fumbling the ball, half asleep, very poor performance, Australia not even trying. The crowd is in shock, we were told the pumas were playing, instead we are seeing the wallabies destroying some kittens.  Australia 14 | Argentina 3
  • Argentina wake up, looks good, but a sea of gold holds up the play, Australia with yet another turn over, just 5 meters from their own try line, I don’t see anything getting past the Australian defense today. The wallabies’ turn overs and run downs are just too fast for Argentina.
  • Argentina’s scums are running as low to the ground as possible, causing some real trouble for Australia, low and strong, the wallabies can’t hook the ball, some good play.
  • Penalty Kick, Argentina. Australia 14 | Argentina 6
  • YELLOW CARD, SIN BIN: tackling with out using his arms, Argentina down to 14 men, the game looks all but over, blow the whistle now to spare the embarrassment.
  • TRY!! Australia, missed conversion. Australia 19 | Argentina 6
  • Penalty Kick, Argentina, sin bin period over Australia 19 | Argentina 9
  • Australia open the second half with a kickAustralia 22 | Argentina 9
  • Argentina with yet another penalty kickAustralia 22 | Argentina 12
  • Argentina with yet another penalty kickAustralia 22 | Argentina 15 Argentina are kicking themselves back into the game, with in one converted try of the world cup finals.
  • 8 minutes left, TRY!! Australia, and converted, the game really is over now, Argentina fought well in the end, but a solid Australian defense and a poor and slow start from the pumas, Australia, New Zealand final it will be. Australia 29 | Argentina 15
  • FINAL SCORE Australia 29 | Argentina 15


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