Rave turns to riot in Lambeth (London)

  • By Johnathan Ellis


An unlicensed Halloween rave in Lambeth, South London turned on the police when they came to shut down the festivities.


Ravers first gathered on Black Prince Road at Albert Embankment, across the river from Westminster, before dispersing down Lambeth Road on to Lambeth High Street and nearby Whitgift Street.

The Met Police said they sent dozens of police vehicles filled with riot police in order to shut down the event, which was advertised on social media, where of the 13’000 invited guests, 4’000 said they planned to attend.

Four officers were treated for injuries at the scene and a number of arrests had been made, with one member of the public hospitalized the force said.

In a social media message, organisers of the event accused police of:

“bashing people senseless” and “letting their dogs go at people almost unrestrained”.

For the second time in a week London police have been filmed using outstandingly disproportionate force, that is nothing short of mindless and goalless violence. Huge crowds of police armed with shields and batons stormed the crowds beating anyone in site, no questions asked. One video shows 3 officers single out a party-goer  on the edge of the crowd and rush in batons raised over head, before beating the unarmed raver.

“The disorder and criminal damage around the venue has stopped,” said a Met Police statement.

Some of the ravers responded by throwing chairs, bottles, furniture and reportedly but unverified, a single Molotov bomb.


Earlier, a force spokesman had said: “As well as attacking police the group also caused criminal damage to private vehicles and property in the area.” Bystanders told The International that the crowds:

“only turned to violence after the police stormed in batons raised, attacking people without even attempting to ask questions or make arrests. The police were not interested in talking through peaceful resolutions.”

Organizers told the crowds:

“Stay peaceful, stay calm. Patience and numbers is in our favour. Do not antagonise the police. We don’t need to. At the end of the day we want to leave them remembering our good attitudes, we just came to dance, we are not their enemy.”






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