East Asia | China | Vietnam accuses China of mass territorial and sovereignty violation

  • By Giuglio Bianchi

China has repeatedly violated internationally recognised territory


China's delusional claims to East-Asia's nautical territory

China’s delusional claims to East-Asia’s nautical territory

Vietnam has accused China of threatening regional air safety and security by conducting unannounced flights through its airspace to a disputed reef in the South China Sea, state media reported.

Forty-six such incidents were officially logged by Vietnamese aviation authorities in the first week of January alone.

Protest letters have been sent to Beijing and the UN’s aviation body.

Vietnam is among several nations challenging China’s drastic claims of sovereignty in the area.

China has been running test flights to one of it’s many artificial island it built in the Spratly Islands, which Vietnam has historically claimed.

The flights prompted Vietnam to complain its sovereignty had been violated.


China’s artificial Islands

By mid 2015 China had built artificial islands covering a total of 2’000 acres in newly formed land.

Arial photography shows the land as serving purely military purposes, with air strips, watch towers, military barracks and naval yards as the only land marks.

Large scale artificial land formation and military activity within the internationally recognised waters of other sovereign nations has angered many of the region’s top leaders.

Artificial islands can be built in a number of ways by combining reclamation with sub aquatic structures. In essence using rubble, earth, and general land fill; man made, natural and dredged, in conjunction with concrete and metal support structures. This can re form lost land to erosion, extend a peninsular, which is common practice in Hong Kong, or create artificial islands.

The main obstacles in artificial island formation is creating a stable and solid island that won’t flood, subside or erode.


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