Mother injects faeces into cancer therapy son’s IV drip

  • By Quddsiyya Ismael

15 year old leukaemia patient has faeces injected directly into his blood by his mother

41 year old Tiffany Alberts has been charged with attempted murder of her own son in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Alberts also faces additional charges of battery and neglect over the incident at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

Doctors were treating the 15 year old son of Alberts, who cannot be named for legal reasons other than by Child.A, for leukaemia (A type of cancer usually starting in the bone marrow causing mutated white blood cells) when they became concerned about multiple unexplained infections he had contracted.

Analysis of blood samples showed evidence of organisms typically found in faecal matter.

Police confirmed that:

Highly alarmed and concerned medical staff installed hidden cameras in the boy’s ward and captured on film the unfathomable scenes of Alberts injecting something into the IV drip line on multiple occasions.

Alberts has allegedly confessed, initially saying that she had been injecting water to “flush the line” because the drugs her son had been given had “burned him”. IV (Intravenous) Drip Lines [IVs] introduce fluids directly into the blood stream.

According to the prosecution:

Alberts allegedly later admitted that she was in fact injecting her son’s blood stream with faecal matter, stating that she had hoped the child would have been moved to a different unit as a result.

Alberts’ son spent 18 days in intensive care before making a recovery form the infections.

However doctors and medical staff are concerned because during this time he missed several rounds of key cancer treatment.

The doctors now fear that the incident may have seriously harmed the boy’s long-term chances of surviving his battle with cancer the court documents read.

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