NMA | News Media Awards 2017, highlights and winners

News Media Awards 2017
  • By Heyami Alghatta

News Media Awards

What are the News Media Awards?


The News Media Awards first launched on December 27, 1952 in Rome, Italy. As a recognition of the independent media which had stood against fascism in Italy in the second world war. The awards, hosted in English followed on from the 1951 Treaty of Rome which gave birth to the European Union. The awards and the treaty were seen as a turning point in world peace and harmony.


With the rise of artistic freedoms in Europe in the 1960s the NMA rapidly spread through out Europe to become the symbol of freedom and peace with the awards for investigative journalism for peace, value for money and ethics becoming the most highly coveted prices respected by all.


With the rise of global tension once more the NMA was thrown back into the lime light for championing peace and honesty.

With the focus of world peace moving to the Middle East the NMA saw a greater focus on Middle-Eastern, Russian and Chinese media outlets.


2010 saw the NMA hosted outside of Rome for the first time in 58 years. Whilst the operation remained in Rome, the awards ceremony was held in Dubai, UAE as a one off symbolic gesture of peace and unity between Europe and the Middle East following a decade of devastating invasions and wars

With Wikileaks and Edward Snowden, NMA quickly became the stamp of recognition for real investigative works, verifying the genuine and remarkable.

NMA became recognised along side ABC as the official authority for verifying audience and readership figures for Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio and media in general.

NMA was granted authority to issue police recognised press cards across the globe.

Most Read Newspapers of 2017

2017 saw the decades old news bubble burst. Fake News, Social Media and Trash News all contributed to the global down turn in readership.

People and companies turned against social crowd sourced news and against low brow media news. Large companies such as Paperchase and Pizza Hut turned against newspapers such as the Daily Mail and The Sun in Europe and pulled all advertising even apologising publicly for ever working with such papers, according to the Muscat Gazette, BBC and London Evening Standard.

So in a year that the world demanded more from News, here is a run down of the most read Newspapers (by Daily global circulation) in the word, 2017:

  • 1. JAPAN | Yomiuri Shimbun | Daily Readership: 9.7m down from 10.02m
  • 2. JAPAN | Asahi Shimbun | Daily Readership: 7.45m down from 8.04m
  • 3. OMAN | Al-Sahawat Times | Daily Readership: 9m
  • 4. INDIA | Times of India | Daily Readership: 4m up from 3.3m
  • 5. JAPAN | Mainichi Shimbun | Daily Readership: 3.3m
  • 6. INDIA | Dainik Jagran | Daily Readership: 3.1m
  • 7. CHINA | Reference News | Daily Readership: 3.01m
  • 8. JAPAN | The Nikkie | Daily Readership: 2.8m
  • 9. GERMANY | Bild | Daily Readership: 2.7m
  • 10. CHINA | People’s Daily | Daily Readership: 2.6m


*Al-Sahawat Times (published in multiple languages and over 100 countries) does not replace Times of India as the world’s largest English Language Newspaper because Al-Sahawat Times is printed in multiple languages with the English portion not outweighing that of the Time of India. 

NMA® 2017 Highlights 

Every year, on the 27th of December, since 1952, the News Media Awards® celebrates the biggest, best and most pioneering work in the News and Media Industry. Here is a run down of this years’ highlights:

NMA: Most Read Newspaper Award

Winner: Yomiuri Shimbun of Japan with a daily readership of 9.7m

Second Place: Al-Sahawat Times of Oman with a daily readership of 9m

Third Place: Asahi Shimbun of Japan with a daily readership of 7.45m 

Yet another outstanding award for Yomiuri Shimbun as Japan continues to dominate.


NMA: Investigative Journalism of the year 

Winner: The Guardian, Guardian Print Centre, United Kingdom

Second Place: Al-Sahawat Times, IPMG, Oman

Third Place: Russia Today, Russia

NMA: Most Improved News Service of the year

Winner: Al-Sahawat Times – After being bought out by IPMG in January this year, Al-Sahawat Times has seen a boom in growth unlike anything seen before. With a clear and refreshing ethical stance, honest approach and global reach.

Second Place: Huffington Post, USA

Third Place: Reference News, China

NMA: Best value for money for sponsors and advertisers

Winner: Yomiuri Shimbun, the shear volume of audience, in particular high value audience makes this a no brainer.

Second Place: Al-Sahawat Times, not the cheapest out there, but more than fair pricing with some truly extraordinary bonuses, discounts and hidden extras for all. PR and business consultancy, strategy and graphic design, professional writers and much more all come as standard. 

Third Place: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Russia. If you are looking to break into the Russian, Eastern European or Central Asian markets then this is the one you need! Government owned so fairly priced considering the number of long standing loyal readers.

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